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Start to finish watercolor projects EVERY month, step by step LIVE Zoom classes. Enter below for a chance to win a free YEAR of watercolor instruction and community (valued at $370).

December 29, 2021
5:00pm Eastern Time

Learn Watercolor LIVE!

Hey. One of the greatest gifts my mother gave me was the power to follow my curiosity, and the tools to make it happen. That's what I want to do for you. I show up every week to help you make beautiful things, and to see you blossom. You will grow in your watercolor skills, but more importantly: CONFIDENCE.

For ANYone

Some women have been in my membership for years. This giveaway is for EVERYONE: long-time members, past members, aspiring artists, and complete beginners.

I'll be picking 3 names, one a week: Dec 22, Dec 29, and Jan 5, 2022. You're automatically entered for all 3 signing up below. Please share this page with a friend so they can enter too!

Try out the club for $1. Signing up for the trial won't hurt your changes at winning.

Amber Fife

Learn painting with me!
I teach an online watercolor membership and help worn-out women regain their sparkle through creative self care. To deal with decades-long anxiety, my healing began in 2016 as I returned to my artistic roots and made time for creating on a regular basis. Finding so much success in my own life, I began Women Create Weekly in 2018, a membership to help women find themselves again through watercolor painting.

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